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gold-sealwater-extractionOrlando Water Damage Repairs is one of the most common types of Orlando insurance claims.  It can originate from a floods, leaks, faulty appliance, damaged or old plumbing, or even burst aquariums or waterbeds.  The most important step in your water damage claim is quick action.  With one call to Water Damage Repairs Company Quality First Builders, the process of dry-out and Repairs begins.  Our experts in water mitigation can arrest the spread of water and begin the drying process while the Project Management team works in unison with you and your adjuster to expedite the Repairs process. 

We are committed to providing quality reconstruction services to commercial and residential customers of water damage.  By putting people first - as our first priority, we’ve become the leader in insurance restoration in the Central Florida area. We are a preferred contractor with most major insurance companies. 

For 24 Hour Emergency Service

Our services include:

  • Water Damage Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services including: Floods, Leaks, Plumbing Repairs, Appliance Repairs, Water Extraction, and Drying
  • Content Cleaning, Packing, Moving, and Storage When Necessary
  • Mold Abatement and Remediation
  • Written Warranty

Water Damage Repairs Company Quality First Builders is a preferred vendor for most of the major insurance carriers in the state of Florida, and have working relationships that can help expedite your claim.  You can rest assured that your project will be handled with top quality workmanship and our customer service will exceed your expectations.

Call our office at 888-385-1527 to speak with one of our claim specialists to schedule an appointment with one of our Project Managers.  From Estimation to Completion, our team is ready to take care of your water damage restoration needs.

F351 SaharaPROX3 PhotoFully certified water damage repairs staff available 24 hours to address water damage repairs in your home, office or place of business by the latest in state of the art water damage repairs equipment. Since 1992, Quality First Builders is staffed with certified water damage repairs specialist as well as having hundreds of pieces of water damage repairs equpipent in its inventory.

From dryers, water extraction units to power generation, our team is ready to help with your water damage repairs. Our professional team will take care of your water damage repairs promptly and get the thorough results you expect.


What are the leading causes of water damage repairs and what forms can it come in?

It is paramount that you understand the process to be able to stay one step ahead of the issue when water damage repairs occurs. Water-damaged homes can be caused by a variety of situations that can be present from a number of different causes. When it comes to severe weather, major storms and and flooding as a cause, it is obvious when your property has been damaged, there are those times where a trained professional can only find evidence of other water damage repairs causes. Regardless of the severity of your water issue, Quality First Builder's fully certified water damage repairs staff can perform a complete damage assessment to your home of office, and then recommend and follow the industries standards to get your water damage repairs restoration repaired properly available 24 hours a day.

 For 24 Hour Emergency Service

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