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I just filled out the survey that was sent in the mail by your company and I have to tell you that you really exceeded in every category of measured services. I feel very fortunate that you were our Project Manager as you really are on the ball with coordinating various contractors in an exact manner for each specific job to be done. I saw with this job each service had to be done in the correct order for the next one to be completed. I was amazed we never had a false step. When something wasn’t done correctly you had the contractor immediately back out to correct it and holding them accountable for it. You did a fantastic job estimating the services we would be needing and coming up with a plan that encompassed so many various tasks right down to shoe molding and paint matching. You were always on time and took each phone call I made like I was the only project you were focusing on, even the few calls that were made Friday after 5pm. I also appreciate that the contractors you do business with seemed trustworthy as well, especially since I had my children here, I did not want any sketchy characters in my house. Thank you for your focused attention and helping us restore our home better than it was in such a timely and quick manner. It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. Best wishes for you and your family!


Most Sincerely,

Jennifer and Chris Tanner

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