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Electrical House Fire

July 13, 2009

Dear Staff at QFB,

I am so happy with my newly reconstructed house! Thanks for all of your patience, expertise and often “going the extra mile” for me through the 10 ½ month process since my house fire of August 2008.


I was the unfortunate victim of an electrical house fire of unknown causes on August 4, 2008. My home of 26 years was a total loss. It was very devastating to me since I am a widow and had to face this catastrophe and its consequences alone. Ninety-eight % of everything that my deceased husband and I had accumulated over 38 years of marriage and the raising of two children in that home was destroyed by fire, smoke, or water damage. People told me that a video of the house fire had appeared on the local evening televised news that day. It was a very dismal sight and one that left me in shock for several days. The only positive note was that no one was hurt and the firemen were able to contain the fire and prohibit it from spreading to neighbors’ homes in the Woodside Village Subdivision in northeast Orange County.


I admit that I was rather bewildered from this disaster and tried to compose myself to do the research and make good decisions as to what would come next. I have a full-time career in administration for a publishing company so I do not have much free time. My insurance company, State Farm, promptly had the claims adjustor out to assess the damages.


I struggled with the choices of settling the claim and moving on, or processing the claim and having the house reconstructed. Since I had been as active part of the neighborhood for 26 years holding offices in the Woodside Village Women’s Club and a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, and a close friend with numerous neighbors, I felt that I did not want to leave my neighborhood and opted to rebuild the home.


My insurance company was helpful in presenting me a list of three preferred contracting companies who specialize in reconstructing homes struck by disaster. I began my interviewing process and spoke with two of those preferred companies, as well as two additional new home contractors before I made my decision.


My first choice was predicated on several factors. I had heard good reports of the work performed by Quality First Builders, LLC through a real estate agent friend of mine and particularly that John Frawley, the Project Manager, was very skilled in his job and detail oriented. QFB did an excellent and thorough job at the onset of clearing out the debris from the destroyed home. The owner, John Burket, is degreed in construction from the University of Florida and had many years of large project construction in the resort area of Orlando before establishing his own company. QFB prides itself in being a member of the Better Business Bureau and in the preferred builders’ list of several insurance companies. All of the employees work well as a team at QFB.


I was given a presentation folder from QFB and I contacted the individuals who wrote reference letters either by phone or, in one case, I actually visited the home of a former QFB client who had experienced an electrical house fire as mine. I was impressed with the fine quality of reconstruction in the restored home located in the Tuskawilla area.


John Burket, the owner, had volunteered to accompany me when I represented myself at the Orange County Zoning Board hearing that concerned violations because the house was condemned due to the fire damage. Mr. Burket also spoke at the hearing on my behalf.


A co-worker’s husband who is an award winning custom builder for the “Parade of Homes in Central Florida” offered to come to my aid and provide me guidance in the rebuilding process from a homeowner’s standpoint. I appreciated his expertise and advice and he was my advocate on many occasions during the rebuilding project. He communicated with John Burket and John Frawley on several issues to assure that I would have quality workmanship and an updated design for the rebuilt house. QFB was very cooperative throughout the project and worked well and successfully with the suggestions made by my friend advocate and myself, besides using their own skilled subcontractors. I was quite pleased.


John Frawley is a very professional and patient Project Manager. He was always accessible either in person, by cell phone, or email to answer all the myriad of questions I had during the reconstruction. He is an efficient organizer of the subcontractors and suppliers. He gets the job done! If perchance, I questioned him about something that he needed to do further research on, he did it promptly and communicated well with me.


I was provided detailed paperwork re-caps from QFB throughout the project which indicated provided costs, change order costs, and allowances. They were efficient in providing my insurance company all of the photos and information needed to complete the project. The office staff at QFB was proficient in obtaining partial lien releases and final lien releases that I had requested.


My lovely home which is now built to 2009 building code standards is energy efficient and very attractive in design with many artistic details. It truly is a fine testament to the skilled expertise of the QFB team. Disasters are stressful, but dealing with QFB is reassuring and the results are something to truly be proud of in the housing market."

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